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 swivel rocker recliner


Swivel Rocker Recliner 

The swivel rocker recliner in my living room is so comfortable, that I often feel like I could go days without leaving it.

If I could position a refrigerator, remote control, good book, and oh yeah, a bathroom, within a short distance, I really could be quite content living in a swivel rocker recliner.  

A variety of swivel rocker recliner styles, sizes, and fabrics are available, to complement the existing décor in your home.

Swivel rocker recliners are made by all the top brands, and we’ve highlighted a few options below.

Swivel Rocker Recliners – A Few Options

Decorate your house with exclusive furniture and create a complete unique outlook. A variety of swivel rocker recliners are stocked in stores ready for your enjoyment. Several brands manufacture this style, and some also incorporate the gliding features, which are called glider rocker recliners. These recliners are one of the few types of furniture that have remained in vogue as others have come and gone. 

 swivel rocker recliner  swivel recliner 

“Durapella Mocha” is a new category of swivel rocker recliner that is manufactured by the Ashley Company. The fashionable furniture is composed on a wooden base to provide a long lasting guarantee.

Special finishing by “Mocha” adds to the shimmering texture of the furniture. This furniture and is built in a contemporary style to suit to all kinds of homes, whether regular houses or apartments.


The wood is tested and approved to GSA Government standards; therefore, no compromise has been made with the quality to apply special attention on its design.

The Durapella is accessorized with cushions that are made by using quality fabric over high quality foam. The fabrics used are fire-safe and protective; this is proved by the approval of AHFA standards.

  swivel recliners  swivel rocker recliners

swivel rocker recliner

rocker recliner

swivel rocker recliners

rocker recliners

swivel rocker  swivel rockers

Great features like portability and quality spring support make these swivel rockers and swivel recliners a popular item. The back, as well as the base of this furniture are provided with back-spring rails that will give both comfort and relaxation along with a good impression of style. The fashionable furniture by Ashley essentially serves to add a new look to the existing living room.


Another swivel rocker recliner option includes the “Palliser Adara Leather Swivel Rocker Recliner”. This piece maintains similar characteristics with an added feature of leather ottoman seats that adds more to the style of the furniture.

”Tropitone”, “Palliser”, “Newport Oak” and various other brands deliver a unique collection of designer swivel rockers. The products differ in their prices, components and style.

Buy a swivel rocker recliner today and be prepared to win the admiration of your visitors.

A warranty card is provided with all furniture and accessories, so check it before you purchase. We highlighted the pictures of a few top options on this site. Have a look!.